Leafield Cases is a division of Leafield Environmental, an award winning UK manufacturer and a specialist producer of solutions for the needs of the Litter, Recycling, Highways, Food Processing, Materials Handling, Water, Agriculture and Returnable Transit Packaging markets.
We are a company that cares about the environment and our business has in place Environmental Management Systems that have been certified and comply with BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

Manufacturing for Sustainability
Our products are principally manufactured using special grades of Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), which is 100% recyclable at the end of the product service life. Wherever possible our products are made using a proportion of recycled material. Cases can be produced from 100% recycled material dependent on design and raw material availability. Fixings such as hinges, latches and strike plates are made from steel (usually stainless steel) that is 100% recyclable.

In-use Advantages
Long Life Durability… Aegis ruggedized cases are extremely durable. They are UV and impact resistant and have a longer useful lifespan than comparable wooden or aluminium cases that are more susceptible to impact damage. Aegis case durability reduces acquisition and disposal requirements.
Case latch breakage is possibly the most common reason that cases become unfit for use. Latches on Aegis Cases can be replaced in the field without piercing the case envelope, so extending the life of the case significantly
Light Weight… Aegis cases are lightweight when compared with cases manufactured from many other materials. Lighter weight equates to fuel savings in Returnable Transit Packaging applications.

When the requirement for an Aegis case ends, because of its durability it can usually be repurposed and reused, further helping reduce acquisition and disposal requirements.

At the very end of an Aegis Case’s useful life it still remains an asset rather than a liability. Constituent materials can be isolated and 100% recycled… turned into a raw material for the manufacture of more cases or other rotationally moulded articles such as drinking troughs, recycling bins or roadside bollards.