Nanuk 990 Case

Internal Dimensions
L1118mm x W368mm x H152mm
L44.0″ x W14.5″ x H6.0″
External Dimensions
L1196mm x W440mm x H168mm
L47.1″ x W17.3″ x H6.6“

Built for the outdoors, the long Nanuk 990 Case is favored by law enforcement, the military and avid sportsmen alike. The firearm case features 2 spring loaded handles and gets around smoothly with its polyurethane wheels. Waterproof, the Nanuk 990 Case keeps your equipment secure and is equipped with a total of 4 patented PowerClaw latches including 2 TSA keyed locks. For extra security the TSA powerClaw latches keep your equipment safely locked during transit but accessible for inspection by the TSA when required.

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